Assemble the concave mould should be placed horizontally


In the process of using the continuous stamping die, it […]

In the process of using the continuous stamping die, it is very necessary to do maintenance work, and it is necessary to carry out maintenance work carefully and patiently, so as to ensure the safety and usability of the continuous stamping die.


Maintenance of punch and die


When disassembling the male and female moulds, attention should be paid to the original conditions of the moulds, so as to facilitate the subsequent recovery when the moulds are installed. If there are pads or displacements, the thickness of the gaskets should be carved on the parts and recorded. Replacing the punch should test whether the die of the unblocking block is smooth, and try to check whether the gap between the die and the die is uniform, and change the die to check whether the gap between the punch and the punch is even.



For the shortening of the punch after grinding the punch, it is necessary to add pads to achieve the required length. Check whether the effective length of the punch is sufficient. It is necessary to find out the reason for replacing the broken punch. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the corresponding die has a chipped edge and whether it needs to grind the edge. Assemble the punch to check whether the gap between the punch and the fixed block or the fixed plate is sufficient. If there is a pressing block, check whether there is a movement allowance. Assemble the concave mould should be placed horizontally, and then use a flat iron block to place it on the surface of the concave mould, and tap it with copper rods. Do not force it into the oblique position. The bottom of the concave mould should be chamfered. After installation, check whether the die surface is flush with the die surface.


After the assembly of the male die and the mould core is completed, the necessary inspection should be carried out with reference to the material belt, whether each part is installed incorrectly or reversely, check whether the concave die and the concave die pad are reversed, whether the blanking hole is blocked, and whether new parts are required Steal material, whether it is enough to steal material, and whether the mould needs to be locked. Pay attention to the locking of the screws of the stripping board.When locking, the screws should be cross-locked in a balanced and balanced manner.Do not lock one screw before locking the other screw, so as to avoid the tilt of the stripping board and cause the punch to break or The precision of the mould is reduced.

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