Causes and solutions of mold rust


The mould will also be rusty during use. The rust of th […]

The mould will also be rusty during use. The rust of the mould will directly market the aesthetics of the manufactured workpiece, and even affect the quality of the workpiece. Therefore, when we use the mould, we must figure out why the mould will grow. Rust, what are the ways to solve mould rust?

There are three reasons for mould rust:

1. The product of decomposition of moulding material.

2. Resurgence of mould.

3. Hand sweat.



Ways to solve mould rust:

1. Short-term countermeasures; gently wipe the surface of the cavity with a cloth. Fully dry the moulding material and lower the temperature of the barrel to prevent the material from decomposing.

2. Long-term; turn the product material into a material that is decomposed and does not corrode the mould.

There are two main reasons that cause mould rust. One is the material of the mould, and the other is the environmental factor of the mould. If you master these two points, the problem of mould rust will not be solved.

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