Factors Affecting Pin Hole Damage of Stamping Die and Solutions


When disassembling the stamping die, it is easy to dama […]

When disassembling the stamping die, it is easy to damage the accessories of the stamping die if the disassembly is not carried out carefully, and the pin holes of the stamping die may be damaged accidentally, which will not be worth the loss. Therefore, we must be careful when disassembling the stamping die.

When disassembling the stamping die, the reasons for the pin hole damage and the corresponding solutions:

1. The pin hole is easily damaged when it is not cleaned

We can clean the pin holes and pins. When removing the mold, the positioning pins should be removed first. When installing the mold, the screws should be used to guide the holes first, and then the positioning pin holes should be drilled.



2. Wrong assembly and disassembly procedures

The solution is: don't hurt the pin hole when knocking down the pin.

3. When the pin hole wall is roughened or scratched and the mold assembly is too tight, carefully check whether the pin hole is roughened, otherwise it should not be punched out, the pin hole should be re-reamed, the pin hole is offset or there is no escape hole below, add a positioning pin to escape hole.

The pin hole is an indispensable part in the process of disassembling the stamping die, so when we install or repair the mold, we must pay attention to the pin hole and do not damage it.

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