Quickly understand the infusion three way valve


Medical infusion three-way valve is composed of three-w […]

Medical infusion three-way valve is composed of three-way tube, one-way valve and elastic plug. One-way valve is connected to the upper and side ends of the three-way tube, and one-way valve is made at the upper end of the three-way tube On the side ends of the valve lower cover and the three-way pipe, the valve upper cover of the one-way valve is made, and the elastic plug is connected to the lower end.

In clinical work, in order to achieve the purpose of rapid treatment, it is often necessary to open two venous channels for patients. When faced with the elderly and patients who are repeatedly hospitalized many times at work, and the patients have poor blood vessels, multiple venous punctures in a short time not only increase the patient's pain, but also cause congestion at the puncture site. Many elderly patients with superficial vein indwelling needles are not easy to indwell, but they cannot do deep vein catheterization. In view of this, three-way catheters are used clinically.

The use of three-way pipe has the advantages of simple operation, safe use, fast and simple, one person can operate, no leakage of chemical liquid, closed operation, less pollution and so on.

1. Transparent appearance, increase the safety of infusion, and help to observe the exhaust situation;

2. Convenient operation, can rotate 360 degrees, the arrow indicates the flow direction;

3. The fluid flow is not interrupted during the conversion, no vortex is generated, and thrombosis is reduced.

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