Six requirements when choosing mould parts


In order to better use the mould, we need to choose acc […]

In order to better use the mould, we need to choose according to specific requirements when purchasing mould accessories.The common requirements for mould accessories mainly include the following:


1: Simple installation and how to maintain the parts: Check whether the delivery instructions are simple and clear. Where applicable, the products packaged together should also be marked with which maintenance steps, such as cleaning, lubrication, disassembly and replacement steps.


2: Product price, whether it includes tax and freight: These mould parts should have value-added space for market competitiveness, and must be real materials and can not be fake.


3: Interchangeability of parts: After a period of time, when the supplier's part design changes, you can replace the previous version in time. Global replaceability: You need to ensure that you can find the same mould parts replacement anywhere in the global market.



4: Stability and traceability of product quality: Your suppliers must have relevant quality stability records, and must track any products they produce. Compatibility of mould accessories: Make sure that the mould accessories you buy are compatible with any other accessories in the mould to facilitate operation on the mould, so as to avoid product approval or trial mould failure.


5: The scope of the product and the source of materials and the effectiveness of non-standard accessories: Check the additional mould parts to ensure that they can be easily found and replaced when different materials or sizes are required.


6: Product certification: For example, HASCO and European product processes have all passed ISO9001: 2000 certification, which ensures the quality stability, traceability and effective documentation of mould parts throughout the order and assembly process.

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