What are the precautions for stamping die installation


Stamping die is a special process equipment for process […]

Stamping die is a special process equipment for processing materials into parts. Performance and use are important to the quality of the parts. Therefore, when we install stamping dies, we must install them according to specific regulations. Otherwise, it will not only affect The normal use of the mould will also affect the good formation of parts.

Stamping die installation matters:

1. The type and identification of the mould must be strictly determined to ensure accuracy.

2. Familiar with the skills of each step of the installation, and be familiar with the stamping process regulations of the parts that need to be debugged and the requirements of each process.

3. Check whether the size parameters of the mould to be installed can meet the equipment specification parameters specified by the process.

4. Before the mould is installed and used, all surfaces must be wiped clean, such as the machine table, the slider, and the upper and lower surfaces of the mould.

4. The mould installation tools used must be checked regularly to avoid installation accidents.

5. The shim of the mould pressing plate must be higher than the part pressed by the mould, and use the diagonal stepwise locking method.



6. When adjusting the mould, place the transfer switch in the inching position.

7. The selection of machine tools should comply with the process rules, and the normality of the work of each part should be checked at any time. For the inspection of special parts, such as the parallelism of the machine tool, the mechanics need to be notified.

8. After the mould is installed, turn the stroke switch to the "adjustment" position to gradually adjust the stroke depth.

9. When the die is produced, first test whether the stamped part is qualified, and explain to the operator what should be paid attention to during normal production.

10. The height of the mould and the height adjustment of the machine tool can only be placed under the lower template of the mould; those that need to be placed on the upper template should be placed under the guidance of the mould repairer.

11. After the die is adjusted, the switch can be turned on to try stamping.

12. After normal work, check the operation of the machine tool and mould at any time, and report for repair immediately if any problems are found.

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